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Cross compliance is a term used to refer to the requirement for farmers to comply with a set of SMRs (statutory management requirements) and also ensure that the land is in Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAECs) so that they can qualify for a full payment. These standards apply to those who receive direct payments under certain rural development schemes or Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) schemes. This also include single payment scheme (SPS) which is a European union's agricultural subsidy scheme.

The two standards mainly SRMs and GAECs have to be met by farmers as part of cross compliance. These standards apply to all farming practices across the entire agricultural holding irrespective of the amount of land entered into Single Payment Scheme (SPS). Statutory management requirements (SMRs) are related to animal and plant health, public, animal and environment welfare. Good agricultural and environmental conditions (GAECs) relate to issues of soil organic matter, soil structure and soil erosion, avoiding deterioration of the habitats, extraction of water for irrigation and finally ensuring minimum level of maintenance.

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